Born on September 28, 1988, Brandon Jackson is a native of Marion County (Indianapolis), Indiana. Growing up, Indiana often watched his father, who was also a producer and DJ, make beats everyday in the back room of the house. "I remember standing there watching him make beats on the keyboard with an astounding look on my face. I was so amazed at how a person can create there own music" says the rapper/producer. Indiana made his first beat at age 6 when his father sat down and guided him through it. At age 7, Indiana and his younger sister moved to the suburbs to live with their grandparents due to drug problems in the family. At age 11, Indiana began writing lyrics as a way to increase his vocabulary. After writing his first 16 bar verse, it was clear to see the young spitter had clout. "A lot of people say that I got it honest since my dad was big into music also." In the summer of 2003, Indiana moved to a small town in Alabama called Florence, to live with his grandparents. Alabama is where Brandon Jackson earned the name Indiana. " I was the new kid in town so once they found out I was from Indiana they started calling me that, and it stuck." In high school, Indiana began recording songs over instrumentals, then eventually to his own beats. He started selling beats to local rappers around town in order to build his name. “I really got hot when I started making custom beats for people. They would be like I need you to make a beat like this or like that, or with this sample or that sample. Niggas love that shit and they definitely give credit.” Now, everywhere he goes people recognize him for his music. With 2 companies, B.O.S.S. Music Group and Beat Kid Productions, both LLC’s, Da Beat Kid plans to continue expanding them on his own, then eventually focus strictly on production and engineering. “Don’t get me wrong I love to rap, it’s something I’ve been doing for years. Honestly, I feel like I’m better at producing so that’s what I will pursue, plus the money’s great.” An aspiring rapper/producer with zero credits and longevity in the game, Indiana realizes that his grind will be the key to his success.