Coming from outskirts of Cleveland,OH but with a whole different sound, “Dr.Perry” attempts to heal the rap game. Using studio time like therapy ready to continuously fill the streams with his philosophical views. Freshly, with plenty of inspiration seen from greats like J Cole, Kid Cudi, Kendrick Lamar, Kanye West and more; lyricism is in every song. Listening in you can see the way he analyzes his perspective with the city around him to create something that simply only the doctor can do. Tearing beats like a surgeon on the clock, work and time is everything! Can’t miss the come up for this young star as he’s on his way to the skies he collabs with many that have a similar vision in order to find the way. Join his loyal Patients to be cured as the smooth rhyme schemes teach and improve. 

Pierre is a New York City based artist with one goal, to take music back to the time where it was meaningful. With influence from artists such as John Legend, Lauryn Hill, and Ne-Yo, he makes music that represents the misunderstood ideas and unheard voices of people. Although he was originally trained in the dramatic arts as a child, he found more joy and inspiration in writing. Within this love of writing he found a voice. In the present time  Pierre uses this voice to explore the intimate connections and disconnections people have between themselves and love, sanity, and culture.