Jarel was born April 18, in the Bronx, New York.  Jarel was introduced to hip hop at a early age thanks to his father. His father "The Doctor" was a well known DJ for Boogie Enterprise. He would come home from school and turn to BET and watch Rap City, and dream that he would be there one day. Jarel use to run around the house freestyling so everybody could hear him. Using his father's opinion to measure his skills. Then at age 10, Jarel's ambition and desire crumbled when his family moved to Roanoke Rapids, a little town in North Carolina. He was still a big fan of hip hop, but his desire to be a part of it died out. It wasn't until his junior year in high school, that the desire came back, after moving back to the Bronx, NY. A year later, Jarel released a mixtape called the Blackbag Vol.1 with the help of independent label Ganksta Face Records. Jarel caught the attention of local producer Phat Phuq. Through Phat Phuq, Jarel was introduced to Playboy, a music manager from the notorious group from the Bronx, Terror Squad. He quickly took Jarel under his wing and started to develop him. Shortly after Playboy left and Jarel was back on his own. Word got around that Sony and Interscope were looking for interns. Jarel quickly jumped on it and started a internship at one of the biggest record labels in america, Interscope Records. He shortly after started working with music manager Mel Love. Mel Love has worked with Bad Boy Records with acts G Dep., and Black Rob. Shortly after he left, and Jarel was on his own yet again. Jarel started doing shows at some of the hottest spots in New York City. His records started getting rotation on college stations nationwide. He caught the attention of music manager Wallo. He was managing Young Capone and Montana Da Mac at the time. This management situation didn't last long like the others before. Now Jarel turned to his mentor before any success in his music career, Anthony Arrington of WA Enterprise. He took on the role as Jarel's manager. More stations picking up his music, and his internet buzz growing, Jarel became an artist to watch. He started rocking bigger crowds and performing for all the major labels. He started turning down deals, when he use to beg for them. Through his ups and downs in his music career, Jarel has always kept a strong head and kept trucking. With his strong internet presence, ability to rock the crowd, and the content of his music, it is just a countdown to everyone seeing Jarel on the major level.

Lynkz was born March 7th, in Queens, NY. At the age of 11, Lynkz's family relocated to a small town in North Carolina called Roanoke Rapids. Being in a new setting, Lynkz turned to music for comfort. He started dreaming of being in the rap game, after the death of his father at the age of 13. During high school, at the age of 16, Lynkz decided to pursue music. He would dedicate hours each day to writing lyrics. It wasn't until age 18 that Lynkz recorded his first track professionally. After months of heavy promotion, Lynkz managed to get radio rotation at colleges all over the country. Shortly after, he started doing shows and collaberating with other acts. Due to his success, independent label Easy Flow Records made it their mission to sign and work with the young artist. Together they worked on music and toured heavily in the southeast. Throughout the years, Lynkz has kept his name relavent by doing shows, having a strong internet presence, and a determined grind.